Time is one thing you constantly find yourself running out of when you’re a small business owner. Finding time to be present on various social media platforms as well as trying to stay consistent and posting often will have you wondering what time is left in the day for anything else. But you do it because you want to build up your follower base and you also know that the biggest advantage in posting to social media platforms is in driving traffic back to your website and showing that you are a trusted expert or that your product is quality.

There are hundreds of apps out there that you can consider to help you in freeing up some of your time as well as growing your social media accounts. I’m not going to list 100, but here are 12 that I recommend. I have tried all of these social media marketing tools and continue to use some of them in my every day schedule. If you have any questions about any of them, feel free to shoot me an email.

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If you didn’t already know, Instagram now allows you to follow hashtags!! This is a total game changer for small business owners because now you can see what type of hashtags your dream clients are following and use that information to better target your Instagram posts to the crowds that you want cater to.

Following a hashtag is just like how you would follow a friend. To get started, all you would do is search for a topic like you would an Instagram user that you’re interested in or you can tap on a hashtag from a post. You’ll be shown relevant hashtags in your search results along with related accounts.When you find a hashtag you like, open the page and tap on the follow button.

You’ll begin seeing top posts from that hashtag in your feed and some of the latest stories in your stories bar. Be sure to incorporate this feature into your social media marketing strategy. I bet it makes a difference.

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So if you haven’t noticed, literally everybody uses Linktree’s services for creating their link lists to put in their Instagram bios. For those who don’t know what Linktree is, it is a website/service that provides you with a unique URL to list on your Instagram profile bio link section. When you click on the url, it directs the user to a list of links or ‘linktree’ that can be clicked on. It has been a total game changer for most people since you no longer have to edit your bio link everytime you have a new blog post, event or email opt-in.

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To ReGram involves taking a screenshot or saving someone else’s post on Instagram and reposting the content on your Instagram account using the hashtag #regram. You would also credit the original Instragram user by including their handle in your regram.

Does this sound like something you’ve done before? Yes.

But is it really ok ReGram on Instagram?

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How do you expect your customers/clients to want to follow you if your social media profiles don’t really say or show who you are?

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You CAN’T!


Effective Social Media Takes More Than 1 Hour a Day

We all know that small business owners are busy and unlike larger business, they can’t afford to hire an employee specifically to take care of their social media needs. While I’d love to be able to say that a business could do a good job with their social media marketing by only spending an hour a day on it, but the reality of it is that 1 tweet a day or 1 pin a day just doesn’t cut it.

When starting any social media plan, you have to make sure your strategy is strong. You need to know who your target audience is and which types of social media outlets your audience uses. This may include all of the major social media outlets or may only include Facebook. Regardless of where your audience is socializing, your plan must be thought out and go beyond just one hour.

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