Relationship-building is essential to fundraising. If you are building relationships with your donors then you are improving donor retention by establishing trust, knowledge, and engagement. You are also setting your organization up to possibly receiving future large donations from donors which is a great thing! But wait, how do you go about building a donor base in the first place?

building a donor base

1. Social Media

Social media accounts are normally the first presence of a business in today’s world not only because the accounts are FREE to create, but also because we all have a presence on social media in our daily lives. Turn your followers into donors by keeping them knowledgeable about your cause. Make sure that they know how their donations are helping your non-profit. If managing social media accounts sounds stressful to you, get volunteers to help you in that area.

2. Create Your Website & Blog

A website for your organization seems like a no-brainer, but so many non-profits forgo creating a website because it is not in their budget. This is a BAD BAD idea. Your online presence is more than just your social media accounts or putting up a GoFundme page (this is a bad alternative to a website btw). A website keeps you looking professional and people tend to take you more seriously. Your potential donors should be able to go to your website to read up on your organization as well as donate on your website. Consider adding a blog to your website to help attract more donors. Blogging also serves as a good marketing strategy and helps you with your SEO.


Sending out emails to individuals that subscribe to your mailing list is an easy (and cheap) way to get donations. Technology is amazing and you can easily collect email addresses in the form of an opt-in on your website. Sending out emails weekly or monthly can keep your subscribers informed of what’s going on with your organization or about your future events.


Yes, people still use snail mail. This method allows you to send out brochures and pamphlets to your potential donors to educate them about your non-profit. Keep in mind that this method could get pretty pricing when you factor in packaging, postage, etc. If you choose this route, think about maybe building a standing relationship with a print shop to get all of your marketing materials printed there possibly at a discount.


It is great that with technology things are now digital and automated, but don’t let that stop you from getting personal. Use your volunteers to make phone calls and/or to visit with potential donors. Telemarketing and door-to-door fundraising are relatively cheap and both are very personal to the potential donor.


Don’t forget about those who have already donated! Make sure that you send personalized thank yous as soon as a donation is received. Also, keep those donors informed as to what their donations were used for. Get creative! You can hold fun events for your donors as well.

I hope that you found this post helpful in expanding your non-profit donor base. Stay tuned for more helpful tips for Non-profits and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or find me on social media!

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