I am a Gmail groupie because Gmail makes life easy right? If you agree with me then check out the following gmail hacks to email your life even easier.

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1. Unsend An Email

Wait, I can do that? Yes, you can. How many times have you hit the send button (whether intentional or unintentional) and let out an ‘Oh no!’? Well, I bet you didn’t know that you can now undo a sent email. Heres how: Go to your Settings panel in your gmail email account.

gmail hack

Locate Undo Send. Enable it and set your timing. Save changes at the bottom of the screen.

gmail hack


2. Delete Large Emails

Are you running out of space in your email inbox? It can be tedious trying to go back through old emails or emails with large attachments to delete them for space. Here’s what I do. Go to your Google inbox and click on the drop down arrow located in the search bar at the top of your inbox.


Search for files by file size.


Delete away!

3. Google Labs

I bet you’ve never heard of Google Labs. You have GOT to check it out. To access Lab tools, go to your GMail settings and select Labs at the top. Browse the list of great features that you can enable.


4. Plain Text Mode

Have you ever copied and pasted into an email and the font, color and sizes were just all types of wrong? Did you know that you can remove all formatting from your email by switching to plain text mode? What’s great about this is that you can keep all your text uniform by activating plain text to remove formatting and then you can deactivate it right after to add your own formatting. Please note: Activating Plain text will remove ALL formatting….including formatting from text that wasn’t copied and pasted.


5. New Email Tally

Hi, I’m Rachel and I am an inbox stalker. Whew, that felt good to get off my chest. Do you stalk your gmail inbox as well? Then you need this Unread message icon plugin. Sure Gmail currently tells you in your tab description if you have an unread message, but that’s only readable if you don’t have a million tabs open. I ALWAYS have a million tabs open. My tab bars stay gasping for air:


Here’s how to activate the feature: Go back to settings and then go to Labs as I mentioned in number 3. Scroll down until you see Unread message icon and then click enable. Save changes.


6. Canned Responses

As a business owner, some things just get repetitive, like email responses. Do you get similar questions about your business, like about your pricing or such? Go to your email settings again and to Labs and activate Canned responses. If you start a new message or respond to one, you can click on the arrow on the bottom right of your compose message window to use or create a canned response.


7. SuperStars

So they are actually just stars, not superstars…but I love them so. Most people already know that you can activate that yellow start next to your message subject in your inbox, but did you know that they can come in multiple colors and in checkboxes?


Activate by going to your settings > general and scrolling down to stars. I have all stars activated. I use them to mark off emails as reply later or good news, question marks for clarification needed, etc.


What are your favorite gmail hacks? I’d love to hear them so comment below.

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