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You’ve worked way too hard on your branding to allow someone to come take it from you. Let’s make moves to ensure that your marks are legally protected by registering your trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Having a Federally (not to be confused with state registration) registered trademark allows your brand and ONLY your brand to use that mark in commerce. Once you have a federally registered trademark, you own the mark and have the legal power to prevent/stop others from using this mark.

I have had multiple clients express their desire to trademark, but put it off again and again until when they finally decided to get their application filed, someone had recently filed for a similar name in their class and at that point, it became an uphill battle to get their mark registered. Even worse, they waited and received a cease and desist letter telling them they can no longer use their business name.

Don’t let that be you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Registration with the USPTO can take anywhere from at least 10 months to a year (or even multiple years, depending on the circumstances).  Once the application is filed you can put a ™ symbol next to your mark, which will put others on notice that you are in the process of obtaining a registration for this mark.  Once the mark is registered, you can use the ® symbol, which indicates that the mark is registered with the USPTO.

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How Do I Get Started With My Trademark Application?

  1. Click on the trademark service that you would like to book.
  2. Fill out the form associated with the service and checkout with your payment.
  3. I will contact you to schedule a time to discuss the results of your mark search, plan of action and to sign a service agreement.
  4. I submit a trademark application on your behalf.

  5. I respond to office actions that may come up. This step may require an additional fee if Substantive Office Action.

  6. After your application is approved and published, I will receive your registration and mail you your official certificate.

  7. I provide guidance on how to protect your mark and future maintenance.

Trademark Services Offered


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