I think that we can both agree that marketing trends are constantly changing. As a result, brands are continuously evolving to keep up. If you’re looking at all of your marketing materials and realizing that they just no longer match your mental image of your business, then maybe your business is due an update. But when is a rebrand of your business an overkill and in what case is a little face lift just enough?

Rebrand or Refresh

Let’s be honest, sometimes we convince ourselves that our brands are giving off a certain image when our customers aren’t necessarily receiving the same message. Who better to get feedback from than your clients in order to determine if your brand needs a complete overhaul or if you just need to refresh.


Sometimes a new hairdo is all you need for that boost of confidence. Your new do still reflects your style and image, but it will more likely be a more updated YOU. If you are attracting the wrong type of clients, a refresh could fix that problem. A refresh can help prevent any confusion potential clients currently have with your brand. You can use a refresh to add new products or services to your business. A refresh could simply just reinforce your business’s current image. I’ve heard a business owner say that they simply just don’t like the way their brand looks anymore; if you are just bored with your visuals than a refresh could be for you.

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A few reasons NOT to refresh include:

Trending Patterns & Colors: Trends come and go and you don’t want to have to redo key elements of your business every year just because of a new trend. This can be confusing for your customers and it can also get expensive.

Everyone else is doing it. Just because your competitors are refreshing doesn’t mean that you need to do so as well. If you find yourself questioning refreshing just because your competitors have new website layouts then it is time to stop focusing so much on other people’s businesses and start focusing more on your own brand.


Rebranding will literally require you to change the image of your business from top to bottom. This process should not be taken lightly. In fact, a brand audit and market research will help assess how much change you need to put into your rebrand.

You should consider a rebrand if :

  • Your current brand and vision is no longer effective.
  • You need to move into a new market.
  • You need to refocus your brand around a new visual identity.
  • You need to respond to a business setback.
  • You need to split your current business into multiple brands.
  • You’ve outgrown your current brand

If you’re ready to make any changes to you business, start by thinking about your vision. If it really is time for a change, you don’t have to do it alone. The StartUp Pro is here to help! I am here to help you communicate the vision of your brand to your customers. I am committed to results and want to help you to refresh or to rebrand your business in 2017. Contact me today and let’s get to work!

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If you don’t already have a Pinterest business account, then what are you waiting for? For some reason Pinterest can be likened to that red headed stepchild that everyone always forgets about or ignores. We’re so into Periscope and Snapchatting while also keeping up to date with our Instagram and Twitter accounts, that we totally neglect Pinterest.

I actually taped my very first YouTube video (Yay Me!) on marketing your business on Pinterest. It’s a short video, but check it out then continue reading below about why I believe Pinterest can help you market your brand and sell your products.

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8 Resources for Business Owners

Let’s be real, it really does takes money to make money. Starting a business isn’t cheap. Even more difficult is launching a dream on a budget. When you have limited funds, but don’t want to wait in launching your dream, you become very particular about what you spend your money on. Here’s my list of 8 resources that I use almost every day that won’t break the bank.

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As I prepare the Articles of Organization for a new LLC, or the Articles of Incorporation for a Corporation, I get a lot of questions about what name can be used for the LLC or corporation.

The name you choose for your business is a very important decision which can also be considered overwhelming and even exhausting.

You usually start off by trying to come up with names that you think will be the most creative and then you eventually end up trapped by a long list of crappy business names, of which you settle with the one that your best friend told you was awesome.

Don’t do that.

Here’s what I believe are the 3 steps that go into creating a PHENOMENAL business name.

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Many new business owners aren’t sure if they should incorporate their business, let alone what steps are needed to legally form a business. This simple guide will explain what it means to incorporate as well as the benefits and disadvantages of incorporating.

What is Incorporation?

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